Another kitchen hack for you that I’ve been using for awhile, used again this morning, and thought I’d post in case you weren’t aware.

But like many, I have limited room in my cupboards, and they are filled with gadgets and thingamabobs, all different. Including my beloved coffee grinder. And I don’t have room for another grinder for spices. So it serves dual purpose.

But you don’t want your coffee tasting of cumin, right? And wiping around those blades is never a fun chore and most small coffee grinders don’t come apart to wash everything separately. The trick?

Use a handful of rice!

Throw in rice to the same level you’d put in beans and whiz until a fine powder, dump out and give the inside a light wipedown. Curry smells (or coffee) are gone!

Here, have a pretty wallpaper…


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