Chocolate Pound Cake topped with Chocolate Eggs

I had a good handful of the chocolate eggs that I wanted to use up in one fell swoop so they wouldn’t hang around and be tempting. Luckily, I found this recipe for chocolate pound cake, that didn’t use sour

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Chocolate Pecan Banana Bread

I got Invisiline braces this week and although it’s not horrible, my mouth feels a bit tender and I’ve been sticking to softer foods. I sound like a very lispy Napoleon Dynamite and the Hubby is vastly amused every time

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Rumballs are a Christmas staple in my house. Easy to make, delectable, and always a hit for giving away as presents or at Christmas parties. The chocolate ones are actually a family recipe of a friend. Our friends had ladies in their family

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Shortbread is one of the Hubby’s favorite Christmas cookies. Along with my rumballs, of course. You may be surprised by the amount of corn starch in the recipe. It’s not a mistake, it really uses a cup. What it does is make the

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