Shortbread is one of the Hubby’s favorite Christmas cookies. Along with my rumballs, of course. You may be surprised by the amount of corn starch in the recipe. It’s not a mistake, it really uses a cup. What it does is make the

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The original recipe for this pie was a rhubarb cream pie of my mother-in-laws. Rhubarb or strawberry rhubarb were the only flavours she made. She thought I was totally thinking outside the box and it was crazy wild when I

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Lemon Curd

This batch of lemon curd was intended to be filling madeleines, but I found that there wasn’t enough being injected into the cookie. As a filling for a cupcake or spread on a piece of toast, it would be stellar.

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I’ve always been scared to try madeleines. They always gave the impression of being hard to do, in the way that fancy French desserts are wont to do. But with a birthday dinner for my mother and one of my

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The other day I was putting away groceries and noticed a can of chocolate milk stout that the Hubby hadn’t drunk. This is a milk stout, that is flavoured with chocolate, not a chocolate milk tasting stout. Either way, I

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