spicy garlic salt

I’m taking it a bit easier on gifts this year, due to still looking for work. So using what I have in the house, I’ve been making quite a few homemade gifts – of the culinary sort of course. Cookies, caramel sauce, and now seasoned salt. For those that like a bit of kick in their dishes, I thought a homemade spicy salt would be a nice treat. Something that most people wouldn’t buy for themselves, yet would use. 

For this salt, I used a combination of chilies to give not only heat, but flavour. I also used some lovely Mediterranean sea salt flakes and kept them as is, instead of grinding them small. I picked up the dried garlic flakes in the recipe from a local Asian market. They pack a whollop of intense garlic taste. I used my coffee bean grinder to grind up the chilies and dried garlic flakes and a tip to clean your grinder after is to fill it with dry rice and give a whiz. Simply wipe it out after and the spicy odors and oils are gone, being absorbed into the rice.

spicy garlic salt

Spicy Garlic Salt


  • 10-15 dried kashmiri chilies
  • 1 dried adobo chili
  • 1 heaping tablespoon dried garlic flakes
  • 1/2 cup flaked sea salt


  • Remove the tops and some of the seeds from the kashmiri chilies and place in a spice / coffee grinder. Whiz to a small or fine flaked size. You will need 1 heaping tablespoon of the flakes.
  • Remove the tops and some of the seeds from the adobo chili. Whiz the chili and garlic flakes to a small or fine flaked size.
  • Combine chilies and garlic flakes in with the salt.
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