These are some of the best, non-smoked, ribs we’ve had. So tender and so tasty. I’ve gotten rave reviews whenever I’ve made them for family or friends, and even used for catering at a birthday party.

For the sauce, I like to use my homemade chipotle bbq sauce. For the dry rub, I like to use my multi-purpose rub.



Ribs Braised in BBQ Sauce


  • Approx 3 lbs of pork back ribs or country style ribs
  • BBQ Sauce
  • Dark Beer
  • Dry rub


  • Apply rub to both sides of ribs, wrap in tinfoil, and place in fridge for the day or overnight.
  • Unwrap and place ribs in a 9 x 13 aluminum disposable pan
  • Cover with 2-3 c bbq sauce
  • Add half a bottle of beer (or whatever it takes to just cover the meat)
  • Mix a bit, turning and mixing with meat
  • Cover with tinfoil
  • Place on bbq (direct heat) on low-medium heat, leave for 2 hours
  • Remove, gently, from sauce and place on hot bbq, a minute or two a side to grill up
  • Place back on plate, pour braising sauce over top (can thicken by bringing to a boil and letting reduce)
  • Hand napkins to everyone and serve!
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