I am constantly emailing myself or posting links on Facebook to remind myself about recipes that grabbed my attention. It’s a wide range of recipes that catch my eye, all from a range of sources. Cooking or baking shows on tv, links on Facebook by bakers or cooks, magazines, and more. I find that they go in phases. A bunch of them are either desserts or sweets that I want to make – but because we’re on a low carb phase, I can’t try. Another bunch from BBQ pages as my secret dream is to be a pit master. Then another swathe of various ethnic dishes, inspired from restaurants visited or tv shows watches. So to keep them all in one location, I thought I would create a new category called, “Recipes to Try.”

As I try them, I’ll edit the posts to go under the Recipe or Low Carb with a brief review and note any edits I made. Hopefully, you’ll see something that you want to try too. If you do, please comment on the recipe and let me know.

If you like this recipe, please share!

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