Dry Rub

I use this multi-purpose dry rub on everything – from sprinkling on ribs and chicken, to seasoning a meatloaf and a roast. Note, that I don’t add sugar to the mix as I find its not necessary for 99% of the dishes out there. (For example: If I was doing a planked salmon I would add some brown sugar.) 

It does have a bit of heat and tend to add a scoop of something extra, like powdered jalapeno, when I have it. But I tend to keep the base of it the same. I also make double batches of the below recipe as I found I was just using it up so fast.

I also use my coffee chili rub for some dishes. But note that it is quite a bit stronger in flavour and heat. It’s great on heartier meats like beef or sprinkled on eggs for a nice kick.


Multi-Purpose Rub
  1. 1 tsp dry mustard
  2. 1 tsp chipotle black pepper
  3. 2 tbs chili powder
  4. 1 tbs paprika
  5. 1 tbs smoked paprika
  6. 2 tbs garlic powder
  7. 2 tsp cumin
  8. 1 tsp black pepper
  9. 2 tsp oregano
  10. 1 tsp cayenne
  11. 2 tsp onion powder
  12. Salt to taste**
  1. For the salt, I like to use a flavoured salt such as a mesquite, chipotle, smoked, etc.
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